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How do I triage by rate of change?

From the “Users” view on the dashboard, you can now filter and sort individuals by their “Overall Rate of Change”

This uses our Core Metrics Comparison feature, and compares the weekly metrics of a specific individual to the same individual’s defined baseline week. The system then advises an overall state of change for the individual. 

This change score is calculated and totalled across 4 areas: health, activity, sleep, and hygiene. We indicate whether the overall rate of change is: 

  • High 
  • Mid 
  • Low 
  • No Change 

For example, if an individual usually spends an average of 7 hours in bed in the baseline period and, in the following week, spends an average of 3 hours in bed, this would be defined as a high change and will show in the dashboard as a high change

Please note, we don’t provide any diagnosis, we only highlight the level and severity of change to clinical caregivers so that they can assess whether further investigation or action is needed. 

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