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Viewing the data - what does each section mean?

On the dashboard, when viewing a user profile, there are several sections with various information available. These are accessible using the headings along the top-right:

  • "Insights" - this will give an overview of recent notifications and events, with a summary graph of recent data combined.

  • "Wellbeing" - This section shows various graphs of rolling health metrics to help illustrate changes over time more clearly. You can find out more information about each of these graphs and insights in the Metrics & Insights section.

  • "Visualise" - this section allows you to visualised data for the user. You can see the individual sensor data points in the Activity Graph, and as you scroll down the page, you can see the Heart Rate data, and then the Sleep Sensor graph.

  • "Info" - this page shows the rolling summary of user data, and further down the page, you are able to see the status of sensors for the user too.

  • "History" - lastly, this section shows all previous notifications and events, listed chronologically.

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