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What is “Change in heart rate”?

You will be notified if:

  • A series of heart rate measurements between 40 and 50 bpm have been collected for 3 minutes or a reading of 40 bpm has been collected for 1 minute.

  • A series of heart rate measurements of or above 70% of the user’s maximum heart rate during the day (between 6 am and 10 pm) have been collected and on or above 91 bpm at between 10 pm and 6 am.

We would recommend you:

  • Contact your loved one if this is not your own data that you are viewing

  • Check if there is any change in the your loved one’s data  and routine

  • Check if there is a change in any medication the user is taking

  • Confirm if there was physical exercise that could have increased the heart rate

  • Check if the level of nutrition and hydration are correct

  • Depending on this investigation, contact a doctor or medical professional to look into any potential issues further. 

If in doubt, always seek input from a medical professional.

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