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What is “Device offline”?

You will be notified when and if one or more devices are offline in the following cases:

  • The wearable is not charged

  • The home hub has lost its mobile network connection or is unpluggedIf the home hub does not have power, none of your sensors will be collecting data. 

  • The power to the sleep sensor has been switched off or unplugged, or the sleep sensor is too far from the home hub to establish a connection and provide data.

  • The door and vibration sensors need their batteries to be replaced or the sensors need to be repaired.

  • The kettle has been unplugged from the smart plug, or the plug socket switched off. The kettle will need to be plugged back into the sensor, and the socket turned back on.

If you tap the event on your phone, you will be directed to the “Devices” tab in the MySense app where you will be able to see which sensors or devices are offline along with guidance on how to get them back online.

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