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How do I check if I have successfully installed all the sensors (B2B Monitor)

Once all of the sensors are placed throughout the home, you can check they are online using the MySense monitoring web-dashboard.

Navigate to the web-dashboard webpage. This can be accessed on any web-browser, either on mobile devices, tablets, as well as laptop or desktop computers.

Once you’re in the web-dashboard, you can click on the “Devices” heading on the left-hand menu. 

This will now show a list of all of the MySense users, with an at-a-glance list of their sensors, and these sensor’s statuses.

If they are all online, they should either state “Online” in green, or a battery percentage in green for those devices without direct power.

For each user, you can click on their name, and bring up additional information, including visualised activity graphs. These can be useful for checking sensors are correctly working too.

For this, click on “Visualise” heading for the user in question. This will take you to a page showing the activity for the current day by default.

You should be able to go around the various sensors and trigger them one by one (i.e. turning on a tap, sitting in the chair, boiling the kettle) and each activation should show within 10 to 15 minutes within the app. 

Note that the sleep sensor will only register longer periods of activation, so as to log actual sleep, so this may need a first night of sleep to confirm it is correctly placed and working.

Hopefully after you have done this, all the sensors should be online and active. And if any are having issues, please consult our various installation and troubleshooting guides, or contact our support team!

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