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How to install the sleep sensor

The sleep sensor should be placed across the bed beneath you or the main person using MySense while they sleep. This comprises a soft pressure sensor (the “belt” part) and a power unit (the small box).

To place the sensor:

  1. Check there is an available power outlet close to the bed or use a chord. The sleep sensor should be kept powered on (the sensor power cable is 3-meter long so can be fed around or under the bed).

  2. Connect the plug and cable to the power outlet.

  3. Lift the bottom bed sheet and place the sensor directly on top of the mattress positioned at chest height when laying down.

  4. The sensor should be placed horizontally across the mattress with the power button hanging to the side of the bed.

  5. Re-place the bottom bed sheet over the sensor and leave the bed as you normally would.

For a double bed place the sensor to the side of the bed you or the main MySense user sleeps on. 

Please note electric blankets that go over the mattress cannot be used in conjunction with the sleep sensor as the heating can interfere with the sensor.

Watch our video tutorial below on how to install the sleep sensor:

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