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How to install up the tap sensor

The tap sensor is one single unit that should be located on the cold water intake pipe in the kitchen. 

1. The sensor will need to be powered on. 

The AAA batteries in the back of the sensor will come with a cover strip to prevent the batteries from discharging before use. This will need to be taken out before fitting. To remove the cover strip:

  • Gently press down on the ridged thumb press located at the top of the sensor

  • Once pressed you can pull the backplate of the sensor away from the front cover allowing access to the batteries

  • With the batteries properly in place and the plastic cover strip removed the sensor can be clipped back together

2. Check if the sensor has power by pressing the Circle on the front of the sensor firmly. This should make a clicking sound and the LED above the button should flash red once.

You can check if the sensor has power by pressing the Circle icon on the front of the sensor in - when pressed firmly, it should make a clicking sound, and the LED above the button should flash once in red.

3. Place the sensor on the cold water intake pipe for the main kitchen tap. 

This can usually be found underneath the kitchen sink. Some sinks have mixer taps or combined pipes, in which case any intake pipe where the vibration of water passing through the pipe can be sensed by the sensor should be a fine placement.

As a last resort, perhaps where pipework is concealed or inaccessible, the sensor may be placed on the main body of the tap itself.

Watch our video tutorial below on how to install the tap sensor:

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