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How to install the MySense wearable

The wearable is used to measure your heart rate and provide information on your movements, including counting steps. It also functions as a watch and displays the time and the date. 

Please note that before using, the wearable will need to be charged. 

To do this you will need to take off the strap at the bottom of the screen to reveal the charging connector. To remove the straps, simply hold the watch face with your strongest hand and the strap without the buckle in the other hand. Gently wiggle the strap until it releases. 

Once you have released the strap, you will see a small connector with gold stripes. This is the USB charging connector. This should be placed into the charging cable supplied. Make sure that the USB is pushed into the charging cable. When it is fully pushed in and plugged in the wearable will light up with an animation of the battery charging and display the message “charging” on the screen. 

The connector to charge will only work one way up. So if the wearable seems to be firmly connected to the charger, but still isn’t charging, try taking it out and flipping it the other way and try again. 

If you need more help, view our tutorial video below on how to use the wearable watch:

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