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How do I view the data?

To view all the data from MySense, you will need to download the MySense AppThis is available on iOS and Android.

Once you have downloaded and signed into the MySense app, you will be able to view:

  • Home or Overview: This is the landing page of the app, it will show you “information cards” about recent activity, and summaries of recent data. This can be viewed in 3-day, 7-day or 28-day averages. 

  • Events: Accessible from the 3 lines/hamburger menu on the top left, you can see any recent or historical event notifications about any key changes in activity that have been detected by MySense.

  • Devices: Accessible from the 3 lines/hamburger menu on the top left, this area shows you the current status of all of the MySense sensors and devices. 

  • Visualise: This is where you will find the core data from MySense illustrated in graphical form, with sleep graphs, step and heart rate graphs, as well as sensor activations time, tracked throughout the day. 

  • Circle: This is where you can check and update any family members, carers, or friends, who you may want to have access to keep an eye on your data.

If you are an enterprise, all of the users you manage will have their MySense data available to you to monitor using the dashboard.

This dashboard will be accessible via any web browser, both on mobile and desktop devices. The link for the dashboard will be emailed to you when your account is created.

From the dashboard, you will be able to see all the sites you manage, and all the users you monitor.

For each user, you will be able to see, and manage, all of their sensors and devices, as well as all of their MySense data, in order to track their well-being centrally.


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