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Installing the MySense product in my home

You will need a MySense box of sensors and an internet connection to get started. Here is a guide of the important things to look out for:

  1. Within the box, you’ll find a 4G SIM card and an ethernet cable. You can connect the home hub to your router with the ethernet cable or use the 4G SIM card if you do not have home internet. If you use the SIM card, you will need to have good 4G connectivity in the area to have a stable internet connection. Please note that good connectivity is essential otherwise you may find that your sensors go offline regularly and the data might not be accurate. 
  2. Follow the MySense instructions to locate and place the sensors around your home and wear the wearable like a watch. All the sensors except the wearable are installed in the home and remain static. They collect data related to the activity of whomever is in the home. To ensure accurate data, this system is recommended for homes with a maximum of two occupants.
  3. The home hub is an important part of the kit, as it collects information from all of the sensors and feeds it into the app. The home hub needs to be close as possible to all sensors around the house. If you have a big home, please make sure you have a good spot to install your home hub. Thick concrete walls might block 4G and Wifi signals so be sure to check before installing. 
  4. Your sleep sensor is one of the sensors that needs to be constantly plugged in. You might need to invest in an extension lead if you don’t have a wall socket next to your bed.
  5. Download the MySense app to register and complete the installation.

Please speak to a member of the MySense team by emailing if you have any questions.

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