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How to install the chair sensor

The chair sensor is one single unit and should be located on the preferred chair of the person using MySense.

1. The sensor will need to be powered on. 

The AAA batteries in the back of the sensor will come with a cover strip to prevent the batteries from discharging before use. This will need to be taken out before fitting. To remove the cover strip:

  • Gently press down on the ridged thumb press located at the top of the sensor

  • Once pressed you can pull the backplate of the sensor away from the front cover allowing access to the batteries

  • With the batteries properly in place and the plastic cover strip removed the sensor can be clipped back together

2. Check if the sensor has power by pressing the Circle on the front of the sensor firmly. This should make a clicking sound and the LED above the button should flash red once.

3. Fit the sensor to your favourite chair. 

There are many types of chairs so sensor placement locations vary. The key is to place the sensor where it will easily sense the vibration of someone sitting down without the sensor coming into contact with the person sitting. Good examples include:

  • Under or to the side of the seat cushion, if it is thicker

  • Underneath the chair, if it is thinner and more flexible

  • On the chair back, in the case of a reclining chair

With the sensor placed, you can test it by sitting down and moving around in the chair. If the sensor is well placed it will pick up the vibrations and log them on the MySense app or dashboard.  

If the preferred chair is part of a sofa make sure to place the sensor where you, or the person using MySense, actually sits.

Watch our video tutorial on how to install the chair sensor:

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